Wednesday, October 31, 2007

His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday was an interesting movie, i'm the type of person who wouldn't watch old black and white movies, but this kind of changed my view. The movie was really fast paced which you would think if awkward and make it seem like the actors are just talking to themselves when they're on the phone. It sort of has action, not physically, but socially I guess through talking because they talk soo fast and talk to numerous people in one scene and which also has a long duration shot.

I like how they make the main characters different and you feel sad for Bruce. Walter seems like a person who lies and kind of cheats the system by using Loui and you can see he's the type of person who play's with people's mind plus really confident in himself. Then there's Hildy who's loyal and honest, she also has control and has leader attributes in her relationship(s). Then finally Bruce who also loyal, honest, and has never lied as his mother said, which is what a house wife would want but Hildy doesn't fit with him as she finds out at the end because he's too slow, the way he acts, thinks, and talks. He also gets into bad situations, due to Walter in the movie, and Hildy always comes and saves him. I really think that the fast paced talking really sped up and made you want to watch because there's always action going on. If you try to think this movie without fast-paced talking, it'll be a pretty boring movie.

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